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The Animals

Green Phase Eastern
Endangered Western Hermann's Tortoise

EASTERN Blue Tongue Skinks (Tiliqua)

More Reptiles

We legally maintain several amazing species/subspecies of uncommon, threatened, vulnerable, or even endangered reptiles that we have come to truly love and enjoy. Some of those taxa are:


and more...


We focus specifically on the uncommon wild-type "green phase" of the Eastern Blue Tongue (Tiliqua scincoides scincoides). This phase can be found throughout the entirety of their wild range, however we work with the type that resembles the locality found in Victoria, Australia. Every one of our animals are visually and genetically perfect examples of their wild counterparts. 

IUCN Red List

Examples of Animals in Our Collection Over the Years 

Arizona Mountain Kingsnake
Anery Pioneertown Rosy Boa
Algerian Berber Skink
Gidgee Skink
Pygmy (Anthill) Python
Dalmatian Hermann's Tortoise
Baby Western Hermann's Tortoise (Sciliian locale)
Pink Tongue Skink
Australian Tree Skink
Western Hermann's Tortoise.jpg
Horsfield's Tortoise
Banded Gila Monster
Utah Banded Gila Monster
Dalmatian Hermann's Tortoise

Examples of Animals Produced by Reptile Mountain

Baby Stimsoni
Classic Northern
Eastern Blue Tongue
Anery Pietown Rosy Boa
Eyebanded Eastern Blue Tongue
Pygmy (Anthill) Python
Green Phase Eastern Blue Tongue Skink
Eyebanded Eastern Blue Tongue Babies
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