Litter Lineages

This page has links to detailed lineage graphs for every litter/clutch I've produced at Reptile Mountain.
Click on the litter number to open the individual graph page. 

Litter Q31

Don Quixote x Josie

Litter Q21

Don Quixote x Kiwi

Litter Q22

Don Quixote x Berserker

Litter T3

Normandy x Stevie Nix

Litter T8

Normandy x Miniyeri

Litter T9

Normandy x Raptor

Litter G11

Grit x Baby Groot

Litter Y2

Phineas x SaltNLight

Litter Y4

Phineas x Annabelle (Apple)

Litter Y5

Phineas x Quaker

Litter X3

Picacho x Stevie Nix

Litter X5

Picacho x Quaker

Litter X7

Picacho x Groot

Litter X10

Picacho x Jumpmaster

Litter Z1

Boaz x Lydia

Litter Z2

Boaz x SaltNLight

Litter Z6

Boaz x Glitch

Litter Z8

Boaz x Miniyeri

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