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Stimson's Pythons

 UPDATED: December 2022
Eastern Stimson's Pythons
(Antaresia stimsoni orientalis)
We absolutely love working with Stimson's Pythons (Antaresia stimsoni) both as breeders and as pets. These miniature pythons are the second smallest python species in the world and share the genus with the smallest python species in the world, the Pygmy or Anthill Python (Antaresia perthensis). These Australian gems are found across the mainland in a variety of habitats and grow to an average size of 36-42 inches. Their color and subtle pattern diversity across their range coupled with their small size and gentle nature make them one of the best pet snakes in the world. 

These little masters of the outback have every bit of the larger python look and behavior but in a manageable package.  We have a lovely pair who are very strong feeders and thriving as breeders. Our animals are from Terry Burwell's stock with vivid patterns.  

We are no longer breeding Stimson's Pythons 
Stimson's Python (Antaresia stimsoni)
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