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Northern Blue Tongue Skink
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Buying Process

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Blue Tongue Skinks (and other reptiles I breed) are incredibly popular at the moment. The "craze" is growing by the minute and I don't foresee it slowing down anytime soon. Therefore, due to this increased popularity many breeders (myself included) sell out of babies in just a few MINUTES after they are posted as available. 

I operate on a first come first serve basis once they are posted  (after certain Patrons on Patreon have made their selections). So be sure to act fast! 

I send an email notification (sign up here) to all subscribers at the same time and use the Email time stamp responses to know who was "first." 

I will send one "heads up" email about a week or so prior to babies being posted. I will not spam you with emails.

STEP 1: Sign up to be notified when offspring are available (here)​. 

STEP 2: Keep an eye out for my "heads up email"

STEP 3: When the notification email arrives, go to the provided linked page to make your selection(s)

STEP 4: Be sure to respond quickly (via Email ONLY) with the animal's ID number (ideally your top 3 picks). Also, include the phrase "I would like to buy."

STEP 5: I will respond back as soon as I can. If the animal you want is available I will let you know and send you an invoice for the total cost you may pay with credit, PayPal, bank card, etc. The animal will be placed on a hold for 48 hours or until I receive payment whichever is first 

STEP 6: Once payment is received I will schedule a shipping date with you (typically within the following 7-10 days weather and schedules permitting)


  • I ship to the lower 48 states 

  • I ship on Tuesdays and Wednesdays 

  • I only ship Hub to Hub meaning the animal will be held at your closest FedEx Shipping Center Hub for pick up

  • I do not accept personal checks

  • I charge a $25 fee on all cashier's checks and money orders

  • Do NOT send cash in the mail!

  • I can export* to Canada, Europe, and Asia for significant additional costs, est. CA$300+ / GBP1,000+ / EUR1,250+ / CNY10,000+

  • I do not accept deposits or provide payment plans, sorry

*Exporting depends on the current Wildlife Regulations at both ports. Serious inquiries only

The very nature of "small-batch" programs means low availability. Thus, there are typically far more customers than available animals. Over the past 3 seasons I've averaged 5-20 customers for every 1 available skink.