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Terms and conditions

By acquiring an animal from, TC Houston/Reptile Mountain™, LLC, you (the customer) are agreeing to everything on this page including the following:


  • All transfers and consultation support is for adults 18 years old or over

  • We provide consultation support, to the best of my abilities, for the lifetime of the animals we transfer, questions are welcomed

  • We guarantee the animals' health at the time of transfer for 6 months (see Health Guarantee Policy)

  • Customers are responsible for carrying out appropriate quarantine practices upon transfer

  • We recommend the use of UVB light and suggest ZooMed and/or Arcadia linear T5 HO UVA/UVB bulbs be used according to the manufacture's guidelines for all reptiles 

  • FOR BLUE TONGUE SKINKS: We recommend a minimum of 6 sqft. of floorspace per individual pet enclosure and preferably 8-10 sqft. be provided at minimum

  • FOR SNAKES: We recommend an enclosure with one side that is at least 100% of the snake's length be provided

  • We recommend using a PAR halogen bulb on a dimmer for a primary heat source to ensure IRa and IRb are absorbed

  • We recommend routine species appropriate enrichment be provided based on the individual reptile's needs

  • We do not sell wild caught animals of any kind for pets

  • We reserve the right to refuse transfer for any reason​ however, Reptile Mountain™ LLC does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, height, weight, physical or mental ability, veteran status, military obligations, and marital status.


  • You, the customer(s), hold full responsibility for the animal(s) welfare and the safety of themselves, other animals, and other people following transfer of ownership, Reptile Mountain™, LLC is not liable 

  • We do not support hybridization of any species and will not knowingly transfer to or buy from anyone who has intentionally bred hybrids or supports such behavior 

  • Many living creatures carry Salmonella including reptiles (Blue Tongue Skinks). Wash your hands after handling your reptile(s) and ensure young children do the same. 

Business Stuff

  • Reptile Mountain™, LLC is a limited liability company and a registered trade name owned by T. Houston

  • "Reptile Mountain" is a pending registered trademarek and may not be used without direct written consent

Transfer Agreement

  • We only ship FedEx Ship Center Hub to FedEx Ship Center Hub (We do not ship to residences)​

  • We ship to the lower 48 states via according to their posted standards only

  • We ship on Tuesdays and Wednesdays only

  • We provide live arrival guarantee when shipped Hub to Hub and picked up within 24hrs of arrival for values under $1,000. Photos of the deceased animal must be provided within 1 hour of delivery 

  • IF you opt to include and pay for live arrival insurance through ReptilesExpress which we set up for you at time of purchase you may insure up to $3,000 in value (link about insurance)

  • Transfer of ownership is final upon FedEx confirmation of live delivery


  • We do not keep a waiting list nor do I take deposits, sorry

  • We accept PayPal, bank transfers, cash in person, and/or cashier's checks/money orders in person for payment. I do not accept personal checks

  • We charge a $25 fee for cashiers checks/money orders which must be made out to TC Houston ​


  • We do not accept returns, exchanges, or trades

  • Refunds are based on case by case basis unless reasons are listed above

Health Guarantee Policy

We guarantee that at the time of transfer of ownership, the animal(s) transferred from Reptile Mountain™ to the customer will be in full health unless otherwise stated.

Full health is defined here as; there are no visible or observable defects (unless noted), illnesses, or injuries that can be reasonably identified without veterinary inspection. 

If an animal falls ill or is observed to be not in full health within the first 180 days following transfer of ownership AND proof from a licensed reptile/exotic animal veterinarian is provided that clearly demonstrates the animal(s) were not in full health at the time of transfer, Reptile Mountain™ will reimburse the customer for the cost of veterinary care required to restore the animal to full health up to the full purchase price of the animal within 5 business days. 

In short, up to 180 days after you receive your animal from us, if a vet can show that we sent you an animal that was ill or injured at the time of transfer we will pay either you or the vet for the care to heal your animal for the amount up to the full cost of the animal.

Note: Behavior is not considered to be a health related issue for  purposes of this policy. Animal behavior is not guaranteed.

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