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Algerian Berber Skink (Eumeces algeriensis)
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Shipping Boxes

When shipping living creatures, the most important factor is the welfare of the animals. We adhere to a rigid set of guidelines when sending animals through carriers because the safety and wellbeing of the animal(s) being transported is our number one priority. 

Our goal, when shipping is required, is to first and foremost ethically and humanely transport the animal(s) with minimal mental and physical stress. As of the date at the top of this page we have never had an animal perish, show signs of injury, or excessive duress from shipping in over 30 years and we intend to keep it that way. 


Our guidelines are as follows:

  • Animals will be shipped using Reptiles Express materials including:

    • insulated packaging for temperature stability

    • cloth bags for security and breathability

    • overt labeling for added influence

  • We ship via FedEx Overnight only - this means the animal(s) are scheduled to be in the packaging less than 24hours and in most cases less than 16 hours from our hands to yours

  • Each package may include top of the line temperature support such as Cryopaks or Heat pads as appropriate (these are designed to maintain safe temperatures for several days) 

  • We schedule each package to be held for pick up at the customer's closest FedEx Ship Center (aka HUB). This ensures the animal spends the maximum amount of time in a climate controlled environment 

    • This option is non-negotiable, we will not ship to a private residence or business​

  • We only ship on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, in part, to ensure if there is an unavoidable delay while in route the package has enough time to arrive and avoid being "stuck" over a weekend

  • We only ship when all the high temperatures at the departure, connection site, and final destination are below 95F and the low temperatures are above 40F for 48 hours on each side of the ship date

  • We provide live arrival guarantee when shipped Hub to Hub and picked up within 24hrs of arrival for values under $1,000. Photos of the deceased animal must be provided within 1 hour of delivery 

  • IF you opt to include and pay for live arrival insurance through ReptilesExpress which we set up for you at time of purchase you may insure up to $3,000 in value (link about insurance)

  • Transfer of ownership is final upon FedEx confirmation of live delivery

  • We can typically export to Canada, Europe, and parts of Asia  (availability is dependent on wildlife regulations at each port and your capacity to import)

  • Exporting is a significant additional cost, example estimates are: CA$300+ / GBP1,000+ / EUR1,250+ / CNY10,000+

  • Customers are also welcome to meet me in and around the Colorado Front Range/ Denver Metro area for pick up in person if desired

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