Reptile Mountain, LLC is my "small batch" reptile business. "Small batch" means I focus on quality over quantity. My goal is to produce premium captive bred Australian Blue Tongue Skinks (Tiliqua scincoides ssp.) for future generations of enthusiasts to enjoy using evidence based, welfare oriented, progressive practices.  

I also work with a few other species of reptiles such as Stimson's Pythons, Angolan Pythons, Gidgee Skinks, Pink Tongue Skinks, and Anthill Pythons. Even so, Reptile Mountain is a business mostly designed around the wonderful Tiliqua genus, the Blue Tongue Skinks. 


When I say QUALITY, I mean it! The care and energy put into my collection is unsurpassed. My animals are provided with linear T5 HO UVB light, halogen basking heat, enrichment, the highest quality foods, and enclosures nearly twice the size of the industry standard. 


I further believe that as a business working with wildlife,  it is important to support environmentally sustainable procedures within my operations. Therefore, I use as many eco-friendly or green practices as possible. My animals are not the cheapest on the market, in part, because I have opted to ensure animal welfare and our planet's future comes first.

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My Guidelines of Operation

For Transfers see Terms & Conditions

I care for these animals because I love them. They are God's creatures not mine. I get to care for them, help them reproduce, and give others the opportunity to enjoy them as well.  All of my animals, including the ones I part with, are an extension of my passion for wildlife.

1) Animal welfare comes first, second, and third

2) I provide consultation support for the lifetime of my animals

3) I guarantee my animals' health at the time of transfer (Health Guarantee Details)

4) I do not sell wild caught animals of any kind for pets


5) I highly value animal welfare, therefore I will never knowingly deal with wildlife traders that during operations commit inhumane treatment of animals


6) I also highly value wildlife conservation and therefore, I will never knowingly contribute to the exploitation of wild populations nor support operations that harvest wild caught "at risk" species (ie. ICUN Red List NT. VU, EN, CR  etc)


7) With regard to imported wildlife, I will only work with animals that were legally imported and have valid documentation from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

8) I do not support hybridization of any species and will not knowingly transfer to or buy from anyone who has intentionally  bred hybrids or supports such behavior

9) I do not support "flipping" animals (when someone buys low and sells high to make money). I will not knowingly transfer to or buy from "animal flippers."

10) I reserve the right to refuse transfer for any reason whatsoever

11) Many living creatures carry Salmonella including reptiles (Blue Tongue Skinks). Wash your hands after handling your reptile(s) and ensure young children do the same. 

About Me: Dr. TC Houston

I'm a retired US Army Chaplain (Airborne), former professional AZA zookeeper (reptiles), and a small scale keeper with over 30 years of experience in herpetoculture. 

Although, I'm best known for skinks, my deepest passion rests with Rattlesnakes of the Colorado Plateau and other small montane Crotalids (Article). I also truly love montane chameleons and nearly all Australian herpetofauna. 

As a pro reptile keeper (university and zoo) I was blessed to be trained by some of the world's leading experts including a few who literally "wrote the book" on certain species laying the foundation for what we know today as professional zoo herpetoculture (I'm not referring to the private sector or ball python craze). I am so grateful for the world class training and incredible opportunities I received which I took for granted at the time. Now, much older and a bit wiser, I intend to pay it forward.


All that being said, I am always eager to learn, especially as new welfare concepts and technologies progress reptile keeping to the next level. Thankfully, I love exchanging ideas with fellow keepers and learning from veteran pros.

For a brief time in the early 2000's I had a very small business called TCH Zoological which received great reviews. 

Thanks so much,


Some views from around Reptile Mountain


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