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ReptileMountain.TV is my YouTube Channel designed as a place where I can share some of my experiences and passion for keeping and breeding Blue-Tongue Skinks and other reptiles for education and betterment of the hobby. Please subscribe to my channel to get evidence-based, current, professional information about reptiles, the reptile hobby, and Blue-Tongue Skink care.

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Links to Reptile Care Supplies 

This link will take you to where I have assembled a collection of links to reptile husbandry supplies by type and brand the I actually use to care for my collection of animals. Every item listed is in use in my reptile room at this very moment. I have no interest in recommending supplies it don't use or you may or may not need.

Links to Cat, Dog, and Other Foods

This link will take you to where I have assembled a collection of links to cat, dog, and other reptile specialty foods that I feed to my collection. Nearly every food I feed my animals can be found and purchased through this link. Included in this kit is the link to the USA Omni Gold supplier and Repashy's Bluey Buffet. 

Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians

ARAV is a globally recognized leader known for promoting scientifically based responsible reptile and amphibian medicine and surgery, research, conservation, and pet ownership. They have a "find-a-vet" search that allows keepers to find a knowable veterinarian locally. My vet is listed here and she is one of only a couple hundred certified zoological vets. Quality cannot be compromised when it comes to reptilian healthcare. 

The one stop for everything BTS

Blue Tongue Skinks dot org is one of the best resources for information on Tiliqua in the world. Many of the US experts and key breeders are members and often involved in the forums. On this site you'll find care sheets and details about many different species and well as answers to commonly asked questions.

Repashy Specialty Pet Products

This site is a great resource for the top of the line powdered mix foods for many types of reptiles. I currently use Bluey Buffet for my Skinks in a rotation for variety. It's still new so it's not as tried and true as wet dog food has been but it's worth adding to your varied diet. 

Quality Reptile Caging 

This is a great company and a sponsor of my YouTube Channel! I have a 4 ft. x 2 ft. x 2 ft. PVC custom enclosure from this company. I recommend the Reptile Mountain Edition for an adult blue tongue skink or several Gidgee Skinks. My Gidgee family thrives in this enclosure. I am also a proud ambassador member of Kages and receive a commission off purchases from these links (here)

Natural Nutritional Foods

This company is a commercial AZA member and a sponsor of my YouTube Channel! They provide some of the most excellent nutritional foods that can be easily provided to any omnivorous or herbivorous reptile. I personally use this product as part of my Blue Tongues, Gidgee Skinks, Berber Skinks, Tortoises, and Aussie Tree Skinks diets now.

Where Better Reptile Care Begins

This website is by far one of the best evidence based sources for reptile care in the world. They take great care to ensure thorough vetting of data from every source. Mariah (author) is seriously conscious about ensuring the very best and up to date information is provided for all levels of reptile keepers to use.

Low Cost Online Pet Supplies 

Chewy is a great place to find nearly all the dog foods on the market for the lowest or near lowest costs around. I've ordered lights, dog food, cat food, bedding and much more from Chewy. They ship quick and often offer free shipping when the order reaches a certain price limit. If you live in a rural area or even just need a bulk of dog foods this is a great resource I recommend.

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