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 UPDATED: December 2019
Quality, purity, and diversity are keys to success in any captive breeding program. My breeders are descendants of stock produced by some of the most respected professionals and hobbyists in the industry.
Below are my current and future breeder Northern Blue Tongues and details about each animal.

Skinky LaRou is a 2018 male produced here (Litter# X3.18.05). He is an exceptionally colored classic type Northern. He was too immature to breed for the 2019 season but I hope he will produce in 2020. His sire was Picacho (Accetta) and Dam was Stevie Nix (Molyneux). 

Picacho is 2016 male. He was bred by Greg Accetta. His sire is named "Alpha" produced by Captive Bred Excellence and his dam is named "Sweet D" produced by James Wilson. He is SaltNLight's littermate and Skinky LaRou's father.

Normandy is a 2017 male. He was bred by me at Reptile Mountain (Litter ID# Z1.17.01). His sire is Boaz (Gurgui) and his dam is Lydia (CBE). He was able to breed to Raptor oin 2019 for his first breeding season siring 9 healthy bubs.

Stevie Nix is a 2016 female. She was produced by Austin Molyneux. Her sire was a "Ranar" (SSM2 x F10) and her dam is named "Irwin," both produced* by Ray Gurgui . She comes from a line of USFW seized Australian skinks and is one of the closest related to wild Northerns. She is Skinky LaRou's mother. 

Miniyeri is a large 2018 proven female. She was purchased from Diana Mason in 2018 at 4 months old. Her parents are Chuck (Rebecca Hyuck) and Sasha (Koen Stokes). She paired with Boaz in 2019 for her first breeding season birthing 11 healthy bubs. 

Quaker is a 2017 female. She was bred by me at Reptile Mountain (Litter ID# Z1.17.06). Her sire is Boaz (Gurgui) and her dam is Lydia (CBE). She bred with Phineas in 2017 for her first season and gave birth to 11 healthy babies. She is one of my most consistent dam.

Jumpmaster is a 2019 female produced here (Litter# Z8.19.09). She is an exceptionally vibrant colored darker classic type Northern. She will likely be too immature to breed for the 2020 season but I hope she will produce in 2021. Her sire was Boaz (Gurgui) and Dam was Miniyeri (Mason). 

Baby Groot is a 2019 female produced here (Litter# Z6.19.06). She is an exceptionally vibrant pastel colored classic type Northern. She matured quite quickly compared to her siblings and was large enough to breed for the 2020 season. She was paired with Grit a vibrantly colored 2019 male. Her sire was Boaz (Gurgui) and Dam was Glitch (Reptile Mountain). 

Grit is a 2019 male produced here (Litter# Z8.19.03). He is an exceptionally vibrant colored darker classic type Northern. He was surprisingly mature enought to breed for the 2020 season and was quite a vigorous breeder. He was paired with Baby Groot for his first season. His sire was Boaz (Gurgui) and Dam was Miniyeri (Mason). 

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