UPDATED: Nov 2020
I strongly believe that keeping reptiles as pets is a luxury and blessing
For every $2 in profit
Reptile Mountain earns
I give $1 away
I strive to model ethically progressive husbandry standards for breeders, I also I feel an undeniable responsibility to use this business to help build a better tomorrow for wildlife and people. Everything in life holds opportunity. Even a small batch skink breeder can, with your patronage, make an impact! 
Therefore, for every $2 in profit Reptile Mountain LLC earns I give $1 away.
Reptile Mountain gives more than 50% of all profits annually to the following education programs, non-profit wildlife conservation projects, and human charities:

Island Conservation
Food Bank of the Rockies
Local Teachers Fund 
Koala Cares - Wildfire Relief
New Song of Grace Uganda 
The Orianne Society
Roaming Reptiles
... and more in process

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