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Baby Skinks are HERE!

Babies Babies Babies! Yes, baby skinks have been born here at Reptile Mountain and some skinks from animals out on breeder loans as well. Yay!

Tiliqua scincoides scincoides
Newborn 2022 Victorian-type Green Phase Eastern Blue Tongue Skinks

So I’m happy to announce that the exceptionally rare (US, CAN, EU) Victorian-type “green phase” Easterns have been born. This is a second generation litter meaning they are 2nd generation to be born in the USA. These little ones grandparents were born from zoo stock in New Zealand and imported in 2018 by me. Since that import the total at the time of this blog is 44 including this new litter!

Tiliqua scincoides scincoides
Newborn Victorian-type Green Phase Eastern Blue Tongue Skink

Yes there are only 44 Victorian-type Green Phase Easterns (to my knowledge) in the US, CAN, or EU in total!!! That makes these little gems very very rare.

Tiliqua scincoides scincoides Photo by Stacey Michaels
NSW-type Eyebanded Easterns (Photo Courtesy of Stacey Michaels of Milky Way Reptiles)

Also, born and very very exciting is from a NSW-type Eyebanded that is half New Zealand zoo stock and half US stock crossed to a newly proven male New Zealand zoo stock that I loaned out to Stacey Michaels of Milky Way Reptiles. These are not insignificant by any means. There are still very few Easterns in the US and having another really solid collection of new genes added to the overall closed population is an outstanding thing!

I for one am very grateful for the opportunity to have participated in contributing to the US population in this way.

Yay new life!!!

Tiliqua scincoides scincoides
Week Old Victorian-type Green Phase Eastern Blue Tongue Skink

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