Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will babies be available for sale?  

A: Babies are born (hopefully) here around May and June. They will be available for sale about 3-4 weeks after birth. 


Q: Can I pre-order? Do you keep a waiting list?  

A: No. I don't take pre-orders or keep a waiting list. However, my Patreon members (Certain levels only) are given first opportunity to buy skinks prior to the public. I also have an email notification list. If you are on that list you WILL be among the first of the public to be notified when any Northern Blue Tongues Skinks are posted for sale. 

Q: How much are babies?  

A: I anticipate asking $350+ for Northerns and $800+ for Easterns (If I produce babies, there are no guarantees with living creatures).

Q: Do you take deposits?  

A: No, I don't take deposits on babies only payment in full. Sorry.


Q: Do you ship?  

A: Yes, I ship via Shipyourreptiles.com and Reptilesexpress.com to the lower 48 states.

Q: How much is shipping to _______?  

A: Shipping varies depending on your location and the FedEx market costs. For the 2020 season I am offering a flat rate shipping of $55 for the lower 48 states for one baby insured. Adults and multiple animals will be exact shipping costs quoted to you at the time or sale.

Q: What do you feed a baby skink?  

A: Please see my Husbandry page and the Caresheets

Q: Do you sell adult skinks?

A: Rarely. If I sell an adult it will likely be from my breeding group, a special situation, or a hold-back that I decided to not keep after all. I don't anticipate doing so anytime in the future. 

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Q: Can I choose the sex of my skink?  

A: Unless stated specifically, all the skinks I sell are unsexed. Sexed animals are usually older and also are more expensive. Guaranteeing sex of a female usually means she is proven (aka given birth) and therefore comes at a much higher price because of the demand ($800+). I don't typically sell sexed animals unless from my own collection or breeding stock which is very rare. 

Q: If I buy a skink from you will you guess what sex my new skink might be for me?  

A: Well... I'm at 50% accuracy at this point, I could guess or flip a coin and be equally as accurate. So no, sorry.

Q: Can you recommend a reputable breeder?  

A: Sure, there is a list of reputable breeders in the files section of the Blue Tongue Skink Enthusiasts Facebook Page as well as one in the Blue Tongue Skink Keepers Facebook Page.

Q: Do I have to join Patreon to buy a skink from you?  

A: No, not at all. For the coming season certain Patreon members levels will be given first opportunity to purchase a skink from Reptile Mountain (aka pick of the litters). That select number is limited to 10 individuals. Because I hope and anticipate having way more than 10 skinks born this season there should be many that will be available to the public. 

Q: Why don't you breed or sell Indonesians species (Halmaheras, Meraukes, Irian Jaya, etc)?  

A: Indonesian species are beautiful and great animals. However, they're simply not what I wish to work with in my collection as far as breeding goes. Plus, I just prefer Australian Tiliqua ssp. over other species. It's like preferring Coke to Pepsi... or vice versa. 

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