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Winter/Indoor Housing for Skinks and Tortoises
Outdoor Skink and Tortoise Paddocks

The Facility


Environment is Critical

We focus heavily on providing a physically and mentally healthy environment for our animals. This means we often have to compromise quantity of animals in order to provide space that ensures quality of life for the species we do manage. 

Part of captive management of reptiles or any animal is properly replicating their natural environment so as to compliment their evolved needs. We are always seeking to expand and improve care through environment. 


It's no secret there is no substitute for natural sunlight, ample space with live plant life, and fresh air. Thus, for species that have evolved in the wild to live in a similar climate to that which they are managed in captivity it is best to keep them outdoors as much as possible. We do our best to keep as many species safely outdoors as possible during the warmer months. 

Exoterra Housing for smaller snakes and skinks
Custom PVC Habitat for Gidgee Skinks
Internal view of a tortoise paddock
Indoor Testudo ssp. Habitats
Internal view of Eastern Blue Tongue Enclosure
Tortoise and Skink Enclosures
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